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Our followup to the incredibly successful STPL x Airwalk Collection is dropping this month. As with the last collection, this range is sold exclusively at Payless Stores. The last collection completely sold out—at Payless!! (No easy feat.) So now we return with the Spring 2010 collection. Same rules: This is for every man, woman and child—literally. We’ve expanded on the collection with Boys and Girls models. And the same deal: Nothing spared. Nothing compromised. Nothing over $50 bucks. All the styles also are available (or will be soon) on the website: www.stplxairwalk.com.
前回大盛況だったSTPL x Airwalkコレクションの続編が今月出ます。前回のコレクション同様、これらはPayless Store限定で販売されます。前回のコレクションはPayless Storeで完売しました!(容易なことではありませんよ。)そして2010春コレクションに戻ってきました。同じルールです:すべての男性、女性、子供のため−本当に。このコレクションはBoysGirlsモデルも加え、拡大しました。そして、同じ条件です:惜しまなく。妥協せず。50ドル以上のものはない。すべてのスタイルはウェブサイトで入手可能(もうすぐなります):www.stplxairwalk.com

First the Mens: 最初はメンズから:

The Facet. I been wanting to do a style like this for a while. I love the look of an old school basketball hi-top. But I hate the lacing. So we added an elastic cuff on the heel for easy on-easy off action. (See the top image)
The Facet。ずいぶん前からこのスタイルをやりたいと思っていました。オールドスクールのバスケhi-topの見た目が大好きです。でもレースを結ぶのが嫌いです。だから、ヒールにゴムのカフスを加え、脱ぎ履きが簡単に出来るようにしました。(上の写真参照)



The Airwalk JIM95. For this season, I was really inspired by the ideologies and thinking of Buckminster Fuller. This 3 pack of Airwalk’s most iconic model is dedicated to the genius. Off the geodesic dome!
The Airwalk JIM95。今シーズン、僕はBuckminster Fullerのイデオロギーや思想にとてもインスパイアーされました。Airwalkでもっとも有名なモデルの3型はその天才にささげました。ジオデシックドームばりの凄さです!

The Sierra. Where the skate park and the mountainside meet. The Sierra。スケボーパークと山腹の中間点。

The instant classic—The Terrain. In a new color for Spring featuring a bamboo-speckled midsole. すぐにクラシックになる−The Terrain。新しい春カラーでバンブー斑点柄のミッドソール。

Now for the ladies: 続いて、レディーたちの為に:

The Women’s Facet. The Women’s Facet


The Gallivant for women. Inspired by the high seas. But way more comfortable…
ウィメンズのThe Gallivant。公海にインスパイア。ただし、履き心地を断然良くして...

We were thinking to do a high top for the ladies; then we said, why not just go ALL THE WAY UP. So this goes right up to the knees. The Stovepipe if you will. But the zipper mechanism on the back makes it a breeze to get on and off. 最初はレディース用にハイトップを考えていましたが、行ける所まで行ってしまえ、と思いました。なので、これはひざまで上に来ます。The Stovepipeです。ただ、後ろのジッパーは脱ぎ履きを自由自在に出来るようになっています。

Can’t forget the ladies on The Terrain. Fresh colors for Spring. レディーたちのThe Terrainも忘れてはいません。フレッシュな春カラー。

And finally for the kids: そして、最後にキッズの為に:
Kids Kyte for Boys. Shout out to Kermit. Kids Kyte for Boys。カーミットにシャウトアウト。

Kids Kyte for Girls. Shout to Miss Oink-Oink. Kids Kyte for Girls。ミスピギーにシャウトアウト。

And finally, The Sierra for boys. 最後に、男の子たちの為にThe Sierra

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14 Responses

  1. sam says:

    Great stuff! Gallivant would be dope in a darker colorway for dudes.

  2. Manny says:

    I second Sam in saying the Gallivant is the illest shoe here! Do that for guys with red instead of pink and Im sold.

  3. bill says:

    make some suede shoes this leather stuff has to go!

  4. James D. says:

    i love the point in the stitching on the back of the JIM95

  5. thomas says:

    thirded on the gallivant.

  6. Bibz85 says:

    The Gallivant unisex or for womens only?

  7. admin says:

    Gallivant is womens only. Sorry fellas. I tried to make this for mens but Payless vetoed me and I’m a team player so I let it go. Maybe they’ll listen to me next time.

  8. clug says:

    Is it strange working for the airwalk brand these days given their history vs where they are currently positioned in the shoe market?

    Just curious.

  9. Paul says:

    Honestly STPL and AIRWALKS are the only sneakers I purchase from Payless and I will surely get a couple of pairs for myself. My 18 yr old will get the STOVEPIPES and women’s FACET as part of her GRADUATION GIFT BAG I’m with the fellas on the Gallivant make it red and I’m in I love them all though. Peace

  10. sean says:

    awesome job jeff! just ordered the jim95 in grey and can not wait to get them!

  11. phileasc says:

    Awesome work Jeff. I really love the Jim95. Will they be available at Payless in Toronto Canada?

  12. admin says:

    I don’t know about Canada but u can def get them online! stplxairwalk.com

  13. Marcos says:

    Mr. Dude love it just to say thanks to bring back again the airwalk sneackers. Gourgeous!!
    One question i would like to ask you if u can buy a pair or two Jim95 black, if u dont mind, and send to me i´ll transfer the money to you first no problem
    Because its only sell in the US
    If i bring back those shoes uaaauuu i used to where them all the time i´ve missed them a lot


    Cant wait for ur reply

    Best regards for Staple,

    Marcos Salazar

    Mail me asap :)~

  14. Jim M. says:

    Is there any chance of reintroducing the original “Airwalk The One” (a small amount of original pairs selling on eBay for $200+), the “Airwalk Jim Tennis,” and the “Airwalk Jim” in blue and/or purple suede?

    Thank you.