November 17th, 2011 - 18:34


Fans of our line will know well that each season, we explore a collection through the lens of a subject you might have taken in school. I try to inject some level of education in our creations so what better to do this than through a class subject matter? In past seasons, we”ve take you through Science Class, The Photo Club, After School Volunteer Programs, Economics, Gym Class, Film School and more…. For Fall 2011, we”re enrolling you into the AUTO SHOP Class!
There was something really “cool” about being in Auto Shop class…something rebellious. Guess it was that attitude…the dirt…the grease…the tools. It exuded rebellion and power all at the same time. That feeling then trickled into an entire attitude—a “Live With Regrets” way of living your life. We channeled  all of that feeling into this collection. Hope you enjoy it!

For the look book, we worked with our mobile casino friends at the Classic Car Club in Tribeca. What an epic shoot! All their incredible cars were at our disposal. We definitely tapped into our inner car nerd for this one. Make sure you check out all the dope photos taken by Ana Leiva.

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  1. Ed says:

    Nice theme, love cars, particularly Japanese Nostalgics and Mazda Rotaries. So much dope culture.

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