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Recently a friend inquired about the tools I use on my desk. Not withstanding the technology stuff…he was more interested in the old school tools. For some reason, I have a ridiculous amount of letter openers and blades. It’s as if I’m a serial killer to the USPS. So I thought I’d do a post on some of my favorites…

The Workhorse. You can get a whole case of these for cheap from Uline. Great for packages and boxes of course. But the small exposed blade also prevents you from slicing into the contents.

I call this The Whale. This is one of those freebies that come in those promotional mailers where they say “Put Your Logo Here!” But it happens to be really good and efficient. When you open as much mail as I do, every second counts.

Switching to pens…My favorite every day pen is the Pilot G-2 (.05). I use lots of other writing utensils for various occasions, like a different one for signing checks, one for signing contracts, sketching, proofreading, accounting, doodling, etc. But this is the staple. It recently came out in the Mini format which is half the length. Still getting used to it but I like the portability of it.
ペンの話に変わります...僕の毎日使用するペンで一番のお気に入りが、このPilot G-2 (.05)。僕は時と場所によって文房具を使い分けています。小切手をサインする時、契約にサインする時、スケッチ、校正、会計、いたずら書き、などなど。でも、これがステイプル(日常使用するもの)。最近、通常の半分の長さのMiniサイズも販売されています。まだ慣れていないが、持ち運びやすさがいい。

Nice grip. But doesn’t always catch the opening on the envelope. Pretty though. グリップはナイス。でも必ずしも封筒の端を捉えないのが難点。見た目はいいのに。

Form over function. The OHTO from Japan looks dope, but works in an odd manner. It doesn’t slice open the envelope at the fold, but rather slices off the entire top like a can opener. 機能性よりもデザイン重視。日本のOHTOのものは見た目はドープだが、奇妙な作りになっています。折り返し部分を切り開くのではなく、缶きりのように上の部分を全て切り落とします。

The Levenger is amazing. It’s not a letter opener. But a paper cutter for slicing aricles out of magazines and newspapers with ease. It uses a tiny ceramic bit at the end to easily score through 1 single sheet of paper. So you can slice a mag and the score won’t go to the page underneath. At the same time you can rub this over your hand and you don’t feel a thing. Awesome invention. このLevengerは最高。これはレターオープナーではありません。雑誌や新聞から記事を簡単に切り抜く為のペーパーカッターです。一枚だけの紙を簡単に捕らえる様に小さなセラミックの部分が先に付いています。なので、雑誌の切り抜きをしても、下のページは無傷です。また、手の上に滑らせても、まったく痛くないのです。すばらしい発明。

I use this for heavy duty envelopes. (Like that Fedex bill that’s 120 days overdue.) It’s actually a blade used by Japanese carpenters to cut carpet. I’ve re-appropriated it for office usage. これは厚手の封筒を開けるときに使います。(120日以上滞納しているFedexの請求書の封筒のような。)これは実は日本の大工がカーペットを切り裂く為の刃物です。僕はオフィス用として使っています。

I picked up this traditional letter opener in Florence. Beautiful wooden hand-shaped blade with a buttery embossed leather handle. Almost too nice to use. これは僕がフィレンツェで購入した伝統的なペーパーナイフです。美しい、手作りの木のナイフとエンボスされた滑らかな皮の取っ手。使うにはもったいないくらい。

Not really a tool, but I got a case of these BuckyBalls and people can’t keep their hands off them. They’re just magnetic balls, but somehow have this really addictive property not unlike squeezing those foam stress balls. They are great to play with especially on those long drawn out conference calls. これは文房具ではないのですが、このBuckyBallsを買ってから、みんな止み付きになっちゃいました。磁石の玉の塊ですが、ストレス解消の為に握るボールと同じ中毒性を持っています。特にずるずると長引く会議電話の間に遊ぶのにいいです。

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  1. @loo says:

    you better keep those ‘buckyballs’ away from that nice watch of yours… it might become magnetized… once your watch is magnetized, the accuracy of your watch will diminish. you may lose or gain, seconds and minutes per hour. if you do notice this, take your watch to a dealer to have it de-magnetized.

  2. johnGEE says:

    wow, tons of paper cutters. im gonna try out those pens by the way.

  3. Chris Yeung says:

    Wow, that carpet cutting knife is sick.

    I’m patiently awaiting the day when they release an iPhone app for this purpose.

  4. dr.rocwell says:

    I just tried that Pilot G-2; it’s awesome! Though I couldn’t find the mini…

    Jeff, how about letting us in on how you retain/execute all your inspirations and creative ideas? GTD? Notebooks?