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Here’s an “interview” I recently did with a very talented team from Canada, EighteenEighty. (Is there anyone from Canada that is NOT talented?) Anyway, I put interview in quotes because the making of this was more like a reality show. They spent 3 days with me and my staff really learning the in’s and out’s of what it is we do here at Staple and Reed Space. A lot of shots, as you can see are literally over our shoulders. That meant working with a camera in your face for over 72 straight hours. Kind of disorienting at first but oddly enough, you just used to get it after a while. Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making it with them.

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  1. Graham says:

    Great job Vinny and Howie. Thank you for letting them in on this Jeff!

  2. Sophia says:


  3. […] to Toronto based agency EighteenEighty on their recent cinematic production with the one and only Jeff Staple, the brilliant mind behind REED SPACE & Staple […]

  4. Jon says:

    You a big advocate for a standing desk?

  5. this is awesome. great work.

  6. Winston says:

    I love these interviews/videos by anyone on this site. This one in particular comes full circle. It caused me to dig up a Mass Appeal mag from late 2000, issue X.
    As soon as I got my lisence I would spend HOURS @ bookstores to pick up the latest design/music mags. After picking up this particular issue of M.A. issue X in late 2000, I discovered a “People You Need To Meet” section toward the back of the issue. I was geeked to find graphic designers/illustrators, etc. giving insight to what they do in a series of questions w/ cleaver answers. I am not even sure the artist featured still have their company in existence but I have seen Staple grow from t-shirts, doing sneaker designs, etc. I was young and @ a comm. college back then and had never touch any type of design tools other than my own personal pad/pencil- I wasn’t even aware @ the time that everyone featured was illustrated or made into “vectorized” images! But I knew what I was seeing what fascinating to me. Yuka Iwakoshi(unsure if she is still there), who was the designer of Solomon(female line of Staple) at the time is featured also (just the page before on the flipside of Jeff’s feature), Jakuan Allah- a clothing designer, among others who gave insight to their own company/occupations are also featured.
    I am wondering (Jeff), if you’ve been able to fulfill your “true, unfiltered, unbastardized, gratification” of teaching at Parsons/or teaching period? If so, what classes? This was an answer to your “LIFE LONG PROJECT”(AMBITION)answer. After viewing this video and finding out that Reed Space was named after your professor who passed away while teaching a class you were in, it is fascinating to kind of have this come full circle, if indeed that is why you feel the need to teach. Aside from it (teaching) being your first love. But you say you have always sketched/doodled comicbook chars. so I was curious which came first.
    As someone who followed Camella Elke, Marc Echo and the like, I have always enjoyed hearing/reading inspiration straight from the creators themselves. Thank you for always sharing your experiences, knowledge, and insight into various creative issues. In a sense, you are teaching by sharing/posting these videos whether you know it or not.
    Keep doing your thing!

  7. Stevie says:

    Notice you stand while you work. Is that anything to do with the article in the NYT a few years ago?

  8. admin says:

    Winston: Yes I did fulfill my dream. I ended up teaching at Parsons, FIT, NYU and Columbia Executive Masters Program! Not bad for a dropout! Thanks for the reality check. :)

  9. admin says:

    Stevie: INRE: Standing. Yes—NY Times. I tried it and got hooked.

  10. When a product fails, it’s definitely not the most warm feeling, after spending months/years on the darn piece. Having Reed at your finger tips to test out concept products is quite nice :)

    “Some failure in life is inevitable. It’s impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not live at all… in which case you fail by default.”

    You seem to have the resources and capabilities to make dreams come true, and you do just that.A lot of people let these opportunities fly right by, while others would die for ’em. Your foundation didn’t come from nothing, I’m sure you worked your ass off to get to where you are today(and it shows) :)

    Your passion is revealed through your willingness to lose sleep and your drive to create AMAZING shit(NON STOP). No doubt you’re doing what you’re sent to earth to do. Much respect and thanks for dropping such a quality video, these are the types of videos that breath life back into my life during those dead/stale/unmotivating moments.

    THANKS, and continue blessing the rest of us with amazing work.

  11. Jeffrey says:

    nice interview, i really like Jeff’s design and products, keep moving!!

  12. johnGEEEEEEE says:


  13. fredrick says:

    Very insightful interview of what appears to be a very humble guy and creative mind. also any leads you can give on the background music PLEASE!!! love that jazzy take…

  14. Tina says:

    Still find it amazing that you type with only 2 fingers. That’s old school! That was a really well done vid. Checking out 1880, reppin my city TDot!

  15. V. Grey says:

    An incredible production to par with the creative mind of staple design. Super dope, inspirational and… real.

  16. Virgilio says:

    Incredible work. It seems most of or any video Jeff Staple is on serves as a great source of inspiration. Solidified NY Icon.

  17. Hi jeff, what you have done and what you are doing are truly inspiring, hopes we could collaborate one day.

  18. Oluwadamilola says:

    This video definitely changed my perspective on what live and work for. Thanks

  19. Luca says:

    How many pairs of orange Pigeon dunks were made?

  20. Adrien says:

    Well articulated. Very inspirational.