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November 28th, 2010 - 20:00


tsa-full-body-scanRoger Ebert wrote a really compelling piece on his blog about the recent uproars over the new TSA screening guidelines. He talked honestly from both perspectives…the weary traveler…and the underpaid TSA worker that is responsible for our well-being and safety.
No matter what happens, here’s the thing I always think when I’m standing in a security line: The terrorists have won. Bin Laden is sitting in a cave somewhere reading all this press and angst and he’s having the laugh of his life. We’re ripping each other apart. We’re name calling our fellow workers and neighbors. We’re even typecasting and profiling our friends and travel companions. (See Up In The Air). The long term solution is not better/more advanced screening techniques—it’s better/more advanced public relations with people we don’t fully understand.
“But wait a minute. How did we get into this dilemma? After 9/11 there was a perfectly logical fear of terrorism. Security checks were ramped up. They kept ramping. Every time there was a loophole, it was closed. An asshole named Richard Reid put a bomb in his shoe and now we all have to take off our shoes. An asshole named Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab put a bomb in his underwear and now we get our netherlands plundered. Even though the scanners cannot see items concealed in body cavities, we don’t yet have to bend over and spread our cheeks.”

UPDATE: Check out this clothing line called 4thAmendmentWear. Thye make undergarments with metallic prints that show up on TSA X-Rays. But I bet this will cause more problems for you than you want at the airport.
Roger Ebertが最近のTSA(アメリカ国土安全保障省)の新しいスクリーニング規制についてとても説得力のあることをブログに書いていました。非常に正直に両方の言い分について語っています...疲れた旅行者...そして僕たちの健康と安全を任せられた賃金の安いTSA職員。
どんな事が起きても、セキュリティーチェックの列に並んでいる時、いつもこう思います:テロリストが勝ちました。ビン・ラディンはどこかの洞窟でこれほどまでにメディアに取り上げられ、不安を掻き立てて、笑っていることでしょう。僕たちはお互いを引き裂いています。仲間である労働者や近隣の人たちを罵倒しています。友人や一緒に旅を共にする人たちを外見だけで型にはめてプロファイリングしています。(Up In The Air参照)長い目で見ると、もっと発達したスクリーニング技術ではなく、僕たちが完全に理解をしていない人たちとの間にもっと発展したパブリックリレーションズが必要ではないだろうか。
「でも、待てよ。どうしてこうなっちゃったんだ?9/11以降、テロに対する当然のような恐怖感がありました。セキュリティーチェックは過敏になり。そしてもっと過敏に。一つ抜け穴があったら、そこは封じこめられた。Richard Reidというバカなヤツが靴に爆弾をしかけたから、今、私たちは靴を脱がなくてはいけない。Umar Farouk Abdulmautallabというバカなヤツが下着に爆弾を隠したから、私たちはくまなくボディーチェックされる。スキャナーは体腔に隠されたものは見られないが、まだ私たちは腰を曲げて尻の割れ目は点検されない。」
更新:この4thAmendmentWearというアパレルラインをチェックしてください。TSAのエックス線写真にも浮き上がるメタルプリントされた下着です。でも、これを着たら空港でもっと問題になると思います。(注:4th Amendment=アメリカ合衆国憲法第4条)



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November 24th, 2010 - 02:52



It’s a time for gifting, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get something for yourself to help you save!

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November 23rd, 2010 - 23:06






The new “epicurien urbain” is now available in your favorite bookstore. You guys are able to read this french mag and you know what? Because it’s written in english too!

It talks about food (France and all around the world): good places to eat, recipes… Designs, photography and many other things.

The concept is original, so, thanks to The Fricotins for the new recipe… However it could be very dangerous… Believe me, after read it, I wanted to eat everything in my house!

Bon appétit!

>More infos here.

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November 23rd, 2010 - 19:51


Been missing the Pacific Northwest lately, and the rain believe it or not. For those of you don’t know Baths, now you know. A great new addition to the anticon. roster. He played here in Berlin last night (thanks Shaun!) and is currently on a world tour, possibly through your neighbourhood! Check the dates and check him out.

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