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April 30th, 2006 - 06:01



Have you noticed the recent popularity of the game Sudoku? Well as with most cool things, it originally comes from Asia. And essentially, it is a brain training game that has caught fire with corporate America. A game on Nintendo DS has recently come out called Brain Age, and along with Sudoku, features dozens of other brain training exercises.
The training methods have even been reported to help fight Alzheimer’s and memory loss due to age. I’m not sure about all that, but the exercises are pretty fun nonetheless. The game is actually structured like a gym workout. You play it for a couple of minutes per day and a coach tracks your performance. Before your training begins, the coach does a brain analysis on you to see where you stand. As you can see, I ain’t doing so hot. But knowing is half the battle damnit!

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April 29th, 2006 - 04:46



A nice little write up and interview of the concept behind the Reed Space from Kix And The City. (God, did I really say all this shit?)


Also had a visit today from Raph; the photographer and author of “Behind The Beat”, the wildly successful and equally influential book about DJs in their home/personal environments. Definitely worth adding to the Amazon Wishlist. He brought by some photos from his exhibition in Melbourne at the Perks and Mini Gallery. Could there be something brewing for Mr. Reed in the near future??

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April 27th, 2006 - 04:18



A new book is about to drop that is pretty interesting. (And not just because I’m featured in it! ha.) “RE:VISION“.
“Conceived and photographed by Chris Pieretti, re:vision is a collection of sixteen artists and creative minds in New York City. From Alife co-founder Tony Arcabascio, to “Broken Flowers” and ABC’s “Invasion” actress Alexis Dziena, Pieretti shows each subject working as their respective craft moves from vision to reality.
The hard cover, 176-page book also uses the collections of Dorothy Twining Globus to reinforce the theme of the creative sparks that join these people together. Whether it be a piece of music, a design on a page, a skateboard move, or a painting, the artists contained in re:vision all share a common thread of creativity and drive. This is re:vision.”
The book features: Swoon, Tony Arcabascio, Matthew Gubler, Michelle Zacks, Rb Umali, Jauresti Saizarbitoria, Carlucci Bencivenga, Jermaine McCray, Alecis Dziena, David Horii, Eric P, Skewville, Jaime Reyes, Will Evans, Edi and yours truly. Worth checking out…

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April 26th, 2006 - 21:34



Joy to the world! SB Booty came via UPS today.
Y’all are very familar with the Supreme Blazers I’m sure…Hmmm..the tough decision is deciding which are my favorites. They are all so tasty in their own respects. But for this summer, you’ll prob see me rocking the white ones the most. Also got these great Dunk Hi’s Wht/Khaki/Beige and the Huf Goldigger SB Trainers. (Thanks James for the Supreme’s. And whoever anonymously sent me the other 2; hit me up so I know who to thank!)


Also had a visit today from my secret weapon, Ken at GBIM. Ken is my go-to printer. He pretty much takes care of all the print jobs for Staple (in-house stuff) and our client work. He’s one of the best in the biz. Always comes thru in the clutch. I always say, it don’t matter how dope or talented you are if you have a wack team. You can only really be as good as the people around you.

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April 26th, 2006 - 16:45



For almost as long as I have earned enough money to buy my own clothes, one of my favorite brands of all time is RRL. The little brand from the Ralph Lauren Conglomerate that “kept it real”. With stores that would go in and out of business every few years, limited collections and tight distribution; it was Ralph’s personal collection of western and vintage inspires wears. Last night I had the pleasure of having a great dinner at Gyu-Kaku with Maurizio, the man responsible for everything under the RRL umbrella. His girlfriend, Marisa also joined who is pretty amazing in her own right.
Check out his bank card! Its a mini version for heavy travelers! So awesome… I want one but it’s only available for personal acct’s right now. Bastards!




Also, good lookin to CM at Burton for hooking me with this sick Burton x New Era 5950 Hat. Its part of their “Capture The Flag” Series, where each hat comes in a special box and is hand signed and numbered. This one is with Jake Burton. One of the best New Era’s I have seen in a long time. Featrues a dope wool outer, metal die cut logo of the original Burton “mountain” logo on the front and the entire inside is silk lined with a flocking monogram. And to top it off, the inner band has been woven with the names of 3 Burton team riders that died while riding: Craig Kelly, Jeff Anderson and Jamil Khan. Beautiful and meaningful.

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